CUSTOM SHIELD - Custom Sneeze Shields

CUSTOM SHIELD - Custom Sneeze Shields
Here at our manfacturing facility in Thomastown, we have a 1.5kw large format in-house laser cutting machine and CNC router cutter. Combined this with over 40 years experience in acrylic fabrication to some of the largest retailers in Australia, anything is possible...
We do however require accurate information about your site conditions.
Checklist prior to sending us your enquiry:
  • What substrate are we attaching to? eg. timber, stone, metal, glass etc ...
  • How high do you want the screens? eg.600mm, 800mm or 1200mm.
  • How many openings do you need?
  • What type of openings do you need? eg slot, hinged door, cutout etc...
  • What sort of interaction with your customers and staff will the sheild encounter? eg. Parcel delivery, Document transfer, conversational, work processes etc...
Material sizing constraints:
Most clear plastics are supplied in 2440mm x 1220mm sheets. This means that in some cases, we need to abutt the panels to span an extended length.
Give some thought in advance as to where these joins should be as sometimes these joins can be a feature and may serve a practical purpose..
As one of the largest users of acrylic sheet in Australia, we also have the most competitive pricing and access to large volumes of acrylic sheet.
No project is too large for our team. We recently laser cut and manufactured over 9800 acrylic Sneeze Shields in 10 days from design to despatch.
Contact us with your brief or special conditions and we will talk you through the process and suggest which materials and manufacturing methods will best suit your specific application.